Online exam software for school to conduct subjective type question exam

May 13, 2020 By ScoreExam

ScoreExam now come with support of subjective question (with short Answer) type along with MCQ Single, MCQ Multiple, Integer type or range base, Matrix match and True False.

This feature really helps school and other educational organization to held there exam online during this lockdown and even after this lockdown too.

Some of feature of online subjective exam

  • Student have an option to enter there answer using keyboard in response to any question.
  • Student can also upload an image in response to any question.
  • Student can also upload PDF file.
  • Student can pick an option if question is MCQ Single
  • Student can pick more than two option if question is MCQ multiple.
  • Student have to enter digits or numeric or frication values using numpaid for it

How can any institute conduct their own test series?

February 19, 2020 By ScoreExam

It’s extremely easy for any institute to conduct its own test series. The only thing to keep in mind is the platform that you chose for this purpose. I strongly recommend you to go for the Score Exam which is the best online assessment platform in the today’s world. It is completely comprehensive in nature, providing all the latest tools to keep you updated with the current technology, mutually beneficial for both teachers and students who use online test series software.

Wide Range of Questions Types:- We support all type of questions in our test series like Single choice, multiple choices, Numeric Based (For Gate and IIT main & Advance), True & False, Fill in the blanks, matrix match, Comprehension based etc.

How do I start own online test series?

February 15, 2020 By ScoreExam

You can easily start your own test series within few minutes. First of all create test then upload questions from word and finally assign test to the students. You can also create packages having test, videos, e-books, and video solutions in it. Like

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Can I Conduct multiple exams in a single platform simultaneously?

September 05, 2019 By ScoreExam

This is one of the main question arise when an institute, origination or an online educator going to perchance online exam software. Can we conduct multiple exams in a single platform and if yes, how easy it would be?

Yes, Institute or online test series provider, can sell test series of multiple exams all together in ScoreExam single platform. And it will be as easy as you do a post on Facebook or make a tweet on Twitter. Scoreexam online examination software allows an institute, origination or an online educator to create multiple course & exam and sell it online using online assessment software. ScoreExam provide an essay tool in Admin to create exams and gave interactive UI at the front end(Home page of the website ) to showcase all your test series for different exams.

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Common mistakes in online exams

March 09, 2020 By ScoreExam

Making mistakes is common while giving exams whether online or offline, but one should pay full attention and know how to avoid them as some mistakes are not pardonable and may prove bad for leading to elimination or rejection of your answer sheet. But it is not as difficult as it seems to be in fact easier than offline. Instructions may differ from exam to exam like one found in online exam software for gate may differ from online exam software for IIT JEE(mains & advance).The common one are given below you just only need to carefully read them to avoid them during exam.

Not reading the instructions carefully: This is the most common as well as avoidable mistake. Due to exam pressure and hurry of answering the questions students don’t read the instructions carefully and directly jump to the questions. But think how foolish it is! Suppose you have answered all the questions but in wrong format, Now what? Everything has gone vain. So don’t panic and take at least 40 seconds in reading the instruction and it’s also true that if have done this property than you can avoid almost 80% of the mistakes in one go. One thing more these instructions keep changing not often but sometime. So go through it once carefully.

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